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I have arthritis in my knee. The doctor said it wasn’t advanced enough for a replacement yet but at times I couldn’t walk with it. Dr. Meikle straightened out my knee and my back and now my knee is nearly pain free. I can climb stairs and I’m even back golfing again.


I like that David explains exactly what he is doing. Since he uses the activator method, there are no big corrections just an effective adjustment.


Dr. David Meikle is a fantastic chiropractor! He’s very approachable, easy to talk to, and a good listener as well. He explains what he is doing as he’s making adjustments, which helps me to understand what’s happening with my body. I’m very thankful that a friend recommended David to me and I’ve in turn given his name to others.


Thanks to David’s expert care, I have experienced several noticeable improvements in many of my long term problems. We are fortunate to have a chiropractor as talented as Dr. David Meikle in our community.


I had been waking up every night for many years with terrible foot and leg cramps. I had tried every suggestion… bananas, potassium pills, lots of water etc. In October ’12, I went to David for neck pains (fixed) BUT the big surprise was a month later I realized I had not had any leg cramps since the original treatments. Now I go to David once a month for treatment for a long –time back problem but as a bonus it is 7 months and I am still free of those horrible cramps.


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David Meikle, Chiropractor D.C.